Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where Have I Been

I am still around. I am in a knitting frenzy. About 10 months ago, I started knitting again and the knitting bug has bitten me hard. I love everything about it, from the buying of the yarn, to browsing patterns on Ravelry, to binding off my finished work. I have not done much of anything else in my spare time other than knit. It brings me joy and joy is a good thing. I love making hats for cancer patients and scarves for troops overseas and for battered women. It is fun to knit prayer squares to send to Melfort Orphanage in Zimbabwe. I get on the computer and instead of coming here to post, I go to Ravelry to check out the patterns or look at the goodies on the online yarn stores. I completely forget to post. I apologize for not holding my end up on the blog. I will do better, but you might get tired of hearing about my knitting :)


Lin said...

Oh, Merry, that is such a cute hat. I don't mind if you don't post, but I sure miss you when you don't! I like seeing your work though hearing what's going on over at your place.