Sunday, October 18, 2009

Things to Celebrate

October 18 - 24
This week is National Chemistry Week. Chemistry was not one of my strengths in school, but I am happy to celebrate it and all of the wonderful benefits it has brought.

October 18- National Chocolate Cupcake Day (Since I was late in posting this, you all have the opportunity to celebrate this day anytime this week. Merry says it is OK.)
October 19- Evaluate Your Life Day
October 20- National Fruit Day
October 21- Caramel Apple Day
October 22- Used Car Day
October 23- IPod Day
October 24- National Bologna Day (OK, gather round, I will tell a story from my childhood...I was a flower girl for my uncle's wedding. At the rehearsal dinner, they served filet mignon.. I asked the server if I could have a bologna sandwich instead. I was six at the time. I assure you that I would choose the filet over the bologna sandwich now (although a good bologna sandwich is a heavenly thing.)


blueviolet said...

I'll have to leave you alone in your celebration of chemistry because it about did me in and I'm not even gonna pretend to be nice to it.