Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another meet up!

MamasLittleMonkeys is our local liaison for the LArtisans Team and she set up a meet for those who live on the northshore. Yea! I had a great time at the last meet and was looking forward to another one. Last night, LisaRaspino and I drove together again and met MamasLittleMonkeys and JodieFlowers at PJs Coffee.

It was a great meeting. MamasLittleMonkeys had an agenda with great topics to discuss. We talked a lot about getting exposure for our shops and shared with each other our creations. Everyone had good ideas and we all left with some we hoped to implement.

I am happy I have joined this team.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Every once in a while I step out of my comfort zone and give something new a try. Well this time it is Twitter. I am not sure exactly why people would want to know tiny snippets of what I am doing, but ok I'll give it a shot. I like blogging, but with a blog I can actually write like I talk, which makes me feel I am talking to a friend. With Twitter you can only write in short 140 stroke bites. I am not sure if I can make sense in 140 key strokes.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Playing around with business cards

A couple of posts ago I listed a couple of blogs I enjoy reading. I didn't list this blog because I knew I wanted to blog about it later. The blog is called, Just Something I Made, and is written by a creatively gifted Cathe Holden. I love her ideas on how to use graphic art in ways not expected. One of her blog posts was on how to use business cards in different ways.

I decided to give one of her ideas a try. I am by no means as smart as she is and I fully give her credit for this idea. It is a good one. Overnight Prints was having a sale so I jumped in and created my version of Cathe's idea of using a business card to create hang tags. I didn't have any hang tags nor did I have any small cards to use to write a "thank you" for my customers. I like how it turned out. I decided to create 3 tags per card and when cut apart, they are the perfect size for what I need. The left side of the card has room for me to punch a hole, in case I want to add a string to attach it to my jewelry, and the right side has a white strip where I can add the price of the item, if needed.

She is a genius for coming up with this design. She has other great ideas on her blog. Thanks Cathe!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

LArtisans October membership

Wow our team has really grown. In October we added 28 new members to our team. I have been using the Geolocator (when it is working) on Etsy to find members to contact about the team. We have a list of over 400 Louisiana Etsians who have been contacted. New shops are opening every day.

Another new development for the team is the creation of "Bayou Boxes". Members were offered the opportunity to send in item samples for the boxes. It could be actual items or coupons with % off of purchases. I sent in earring samples. They are so cute. I can't wait to see what others send in.

I added a picture of our "Bayou Boxes" once AccentEnvy was able to list them in the team shop. They look great! Those are my goodies in the front left corner... (photo added 11/4/08)