Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Playing around with business cards

A couple of posts ago I listed a couple of blogs I enjoy reading. I didn't list this blog because I knew I wanted to blog about it later. The blog is called, Just Something I Made, and is written by a creatively gifted Cathe Holden. I love her ideas on how to use graphic art in ways not expected. One of her blog posts was on how to use business cards in different ways.

I decided to give one of her ideas a try. I am by no means as smart as she is and I fully give her credit for this idea. It is a good one. Overnight Prints was having a sale so I jumped in and created my version of Cathe's idea of using a business card to create hang tags. I didn't have any hang tags nor did I have any small cards to use to write a "thank you" for my customers. I like how it turned out. I decided to create 3 tags per card and when cut apart, they are the perfect size for what I need. The left side of the card has room for me to punch a hole, in case I want to add a string to attach it to my jewelry, and the right side has a white strip where I can add the price of the item, if needed.

She is a genius for coming up with this design. She has other great ideas on her blog. Thanks Cathe!