Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things to Celebreate

I get a kick out of reading that this or that week is National Hamburger Week or Hug Your Cat Day. I thought you would too. I will post each Sunday as to what "interesting" week this is to celebrate. I will also include any "important" dates that occur during the week. Enjoy!

July 26- August 1st 2009

This week is Moby Dick Week! Go check out the book from the library and read this classic. I don't think I have read it, so I will be looking for my copy.

July 26- All or Nothing Day
July 27- Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day
July 28- National Milk Chocolate Day (I will be happy to pick up the
slack of anyone who does not like chocolate!)
July 29- Lasagna Day (note to self- make lasagna on Wednesday)
July 30- Cheesecake Day (Anyone noticing a theme here?)
July 31- Always Live Better Than Yester Day
August 1- Document Delivery Day


Lin said...

Houseplant for a Walk Day?? Really?? Mine are fake--do they need to be taken outside?

Merry said...

Really! Since they are fake and cannot talk back to you we will let you play this one by ear.