Friday, July 3, 2009

Amazing Artisan- Bruce Gray

This week's Amazing Artisan is Bruce Gray. Mr. Gray creates incredible metal sculptures. He creates fun and unique takes on items found in everyday life. Many of his pieces are created with found items once destined for the landfill. I particularly enjoy his kinetic art. The mobiles and rolling ball machines are so fun to watch. Other favorites of mine are the larger than life sculptures of items. I love his series of Swiss cheeses.

You can find more of his art on his web site, Take a look around. His art will make you smile. I love his pieces.

Below is an interview with Bruce Gray. Enjoy.


Campbell Jane said...

Very cool! Loved his red high heels as well as his art ;)

Lin said...

He seems like a fun guy, doesn't he?? What's with the high heels?? With his build, his feet have got to be killing him!

Say Anything Notes said...

Thanks merry! I love your "Amazing Artisan" posts, I notice lots are assemblage artists, using found objects or sculptors, etc...which, of course I love! Anyways, they are always great posts!


Merry said...

Sarah- I am glad you like the Amazing Artisan posts. I have a great time finding them.