Friday, May 15, 2009

Amazing Artisan- Yaacov Agam

This week's Amazing Artisan is Yaacov Agam. Mr. Agam is one of the leading artists in the area of kinetic or polymorphic art. To be fully appreciated, his art needs to be seen in person. As you look at his paintings, you see one image. As you physically move from side to side, the image changes. The image is different from the one you see on the opposite side. I like to guess how the initial image I see will change before I see what it becomes. Mr. Agam also creates wonderful sculputral art. Sone of the most famous are his fountains found in Tel Aviv and Paris. I am excited to find out that one of his fountains is at the Tampa Convention Center (we will be visiting there this summer). I plan to take lots and pictures and hopefully some video.

I wish there were more videos of his work. I did find a couple of short ones on YouTube. Enjoy!


byapryl said...

Wow, that was pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing!