Wednesday, May 13, 2009

8 Things

I was tagged for this meme by Creative Queen. Thanks Queen Katherine. It was fun to think of my answers.

Here's how it works:
I have to answer the questions below, then tag 8 other blogs I like and ask if they would do the same. You must let them know you have tagged them and to link to the blog that had tagged them. Here goes:

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1) School getting out for the summer (Let's just say I am not a 5:30 AM kinda girl)
2) Working at Project Graduation on Saturday
3) Taking more PMC classes
4) Using more of my yarn stash
5) Taking an Alaskan cruise in 2010
6) Traveling to Tampa/Sarasota to check out Ringling College of Art and Design
7) Going to visit my mom and sister and meeting their new fur baby, Hanna
8) Letting Robyn drive me around for a change

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1) Called my mom for her birthday
2) Helped to distribute the Project Graduation T-shirt to the seniors
3) Took a picture of my latest completed hat to be donated to Children's Hospital in New Orleans
4) Took Robyn to get her driver's learning permit (We have to go back again since they closed in the middle of her application and the computers shut down)
5) Watched Cara play DDR while eating yogurt
6) Made cream cheese mashed potatoes
7) Washed 2 loads of clothes
8) Ignored my messy house

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1) Keep ahead of the dog hair on the floor
2) Enjoy cleaning my house
3) Tap dance
4) Play an instrument (Mom was right when she said I would regret quitting piano lessons)
5) Lose weight
6) Visit New York more often
7) See my mom more often
8) Take away any pain, sorrow, or frustration for my girls

8 Things or Shows I Have Watched:
1) Project Runway
2) Top Chef
3) So You Think You Can Dance
4) House
5) Jon and Kate Plus 8
6) The Princess Bride- 1,000,000 times
7) The Quiet Man
8) When Harry Met Sally

For the 8 blogs I choose (in no particular order)
1) NFall2rt Design Studio
2) Mamaslittlemonkeys
3) Maggie's Crafting Adventures
4) Nothing Like It
5) Dogmaw Glass
6) My Gypsy Goods
7) Contrariwise ramblings
8) Just My Rambling


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag:) So....what do you think is gonna happen in the future for Jon and Kate???

One Creative Queen said...

Yay - it WAS fun reading your answers! I'm glad I asked's fun to see what you have in common with people you admire - and kind of poke around their life a little. (Better than sending them an email asking, "So...whatdya do yesterday? Hmm? Details, please? Like what did you watch on TV???" lol

Thanks for playing!

Katherine :)