Friday, May 1, 2009

Amazing Artisan- Christian Faur

This week's Amazing Artisan is Christian Faur. Mr. Faur is inspired to create in many different media but the one that most fascinates me is his "crayon art". He uses crayons to create beautiful 3D images that up close don't appear to resemble much, but as the viewer moves back, the crayons form marvelous images. To get just the right colors needed for his visions, he pours his own crayons. In doing so, he is able to play with shading and other nuances in his art. Mr. Faur also works in oils and wax (encaustics) as well as in fiber and fabric. I wish I could provide a video link or embed images of his work, but I cannot. A link to his web site, Christian Faur, will take to his wonderful world of color and his unique ways of creating images of art.


Anne said...

That is really amazing! I can only imagine how long that would take.