Sunday, March 14, 2010

Things to Celebrate

Chocolate Week is celebrated this week. One of my favorite weeks of the year. Make sure you celebrate this week with your whole heart! Just think of the possibilities...

March 14- Pi Day (Our pal, Pi. Celebrate today with some pie or something pie shaped. I had some cheesecake. It is cut in wedges like pie, so I say it counts)
March 15- Absolutely Incredible Kid Day (Do you have one or more of these in your life? Do something special for that incredible kid in your life)
March 16- Everything You Do Is Right Day (Don't you wish this happened every day?)
March 17- Submarine Day (Give a round of applause to those brave souls who have lived and worked on a submarine. Talk about not having much personal space. I don't think I would like that)
March 18- Forgive Mom & Dad Day (As parents, we seem to be constantly doing something- usually unintentionally- that embarrasses our children. Today give mom and dad a break and remember they love you)
March 19- National Chocolate Caramel Day (Yum)
March 20- Won't You Be My Neighbor Day (I loved Mr. Rogers. He was always so calm and peaceful. The perfect neighbor. Much better than say...Mr. Robinson- if you remember that SNL skit)