Sunday, March 7, 2010

Things to Celebrate

This week is Celebrate Your Name Week. Do you have a common name or one that is original as you? I remember growing up I was always Merry S. because there were other Marys in the classroom. I would have loved to have been the only one. I have not heard of a child named Merry or Mary in a long, long time except when it is said together with the middle name, such as Mary Catherine. I like my name now, especially the spelling.

March 7- National Be Heard Day (Stand up and shout your wishes to the rafters!)
March 8- Panic Day (Some people celebrate this holiday every day. It you are not one of "those" people, today is your day to bring out the "drama llama")
March 9- National Crabmeat Day (I am not much for all of the work involved in picking crabs, but I do love me some crabmeat...Hooray for crabs!)
March 10- Paper Money Day (Go out today and celebrate by buying something expensive and be happy you didn't have to pay for it all in pennies)
March 11- Name Tag Day (Should you wear one today? I'll leave that up to you)
March 12- Middle Name Pride Day (Do you have a good old tried and true middle name or one that is exotic and different? Regardless have pride in that name today)
March 13- International Fanny Pack Day (Ok, you know you have worn one at least once. Maybe you still wear them as the activity dictates. Dig out that fanny pack and wear it proudly!)


Jerry Hill said...

Thanks for celebrating CYNW with us! Years back I knew a wonderful woman named Merry Christmas Fischer (long since passed away, bless her heart). People named 'Bob Smith' are as special as, for example, the man named Zbigniew Brzezinski. It's all in the wearing of the name and you wear yours just right. You make it special. Thanks again and all best wishes, Jerry Hill, founder Celebrate Your Name Week.