Sunday, January 31, 2010

Things to Celebrate

Well, hello February! Where did January go? February is Pull Your Sofa Off of the Wall Month and Spunky Old Broads Month (I am kinda partial to the later). So if you pull your sofa into the middle of the room and sit down for a chat with your favorite spunky old lady friend, you will have both covered!

National Patient Appreciation Week is celebrated this week. Does it count if I am say...standing in line at Wal Mart and I cam being patient because they don't have enough lines open? I would love to get some appreciation for that.

January 31- Inspire Your Heart with Art Day (Every day should include a love for the arts)
February 1- Give Kids a Smile Day (Hopefully your teenager will give you a smile back before storming to her room and slamming the door...I know nothing about this. Oh no not me...)
February 2- Sled Dog Day (Those silly puppies deserve a day of recognition along with a big juicy bone)
February 3- National Carrot Day (If you see Bugs, throw him a bunch from me)
February 4- Liberace Day (Our younger generation has no clue who this interesting man was. Take today to broaden their knowledge of showmanship and rhinestones)
February 5- World Nutella Day (A couple of year ago, Robyn's eyes were opened to the world of Nutella. We usually have a couple of jars in the house in case of emergencies)
February 6- Dump Your Significant Jerk Day (If you have a jerky significant other and were waiting for a reason to dump him or her, now is your chance. You can tell them you had to do it because it was the day for it and you had no choice)


Lin said...

Oh, the kids will be happy on Nutella day AND my giving them a smile. Although I do that all the time--it annoys the crap out of them!