Sunday, January 24, 2010

Things to Celebrate

This week is National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week. Does this mean cowboys gather their poetry? Or do we gather poetry about cowboys? Or do we gather cowboys and then write poetry about it? Things to ponder...

January 24- National Compliment Day (Who doesn't love a good compliment! Make sure you hand them out right and left)
January 25- Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (Bubble Wrap is one of the world's greatest inventions...along with Velcro)
January 26- National Speak Up and Succeed Day
January 27- National Chocolate Cake Day (Now here's a day after my own heart. Cake for everyone!)
January 28- National Kazoo Day (The only instrument I can play without embarrassing myself)
January 29- Fun At Work Day (It's a Friday after all)
January 30- National Croissant Day (mmmm)


Lin said...

I can't wait for fun at work day!

Oh....I'm off that day. Bummer. :(

2lazy4u said...

Actually Cowboy Poetry week was dedicated only to promote one cowboy poetry gathering. Elko is a lot of fun, but it is NOT really a cowboy poetry gathering anymore.
If you want to discover what cowboy gatherings used to be (not: used to be, and lack of the word poetry) visit
Cowboys do write poetry, but the "National Cowboy Poetry Gathering" in Elko, Nevada is no longer "Cowboy Correct."
Keep yer broncs top side up, with a leg on each side, and make it home before sunset!