Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things to Celebrate

August 16 - 22

This week is Air Conditioning Appreciation Week. Living in south Louisiana, I can tell you that we really appreciate our air conditioning. I cannot imagine how people survived without it. This week go out side to your AC compressor or window unit and give it a big hug. Let it know just how wonderful you think it is.

August 16- Joe Miller's Joke Day (Joe Miller is an English comic who lived long ago. It is tradition to tell a joke in honor of his birthday)
August 17- Sand Castle day (See this post for ideas of what you can build)
August 18- Bad Poetry Day
August 19- National Aviation Day
August 20- Virtual Worlds Day (Can you say Farm Town addicted?)
August 21- National Men's Grooming Day
August 22- Be an Angel Day and Lin's 29th birthday


Lin said...

Okay, my birthday is the 22nd, but I have a boring celebration! I want the bad poetry celebration on that day instead!! Or at least something a little more fun than being an "angel".

ElegantHobbies said...

I feel you on the AC.. I am a Louisianian also, and man it's HOT and HUMID!!! Can't wait for Fall!!

Merry said...

Lin- I will add your birthday to the 22nd as well. We can celebrate 2 things that day!

Elegant- I look forward to our 2 weeks of Fall also. It is a shame we have 48 weeks of summer.

Lin said...

Thanks, Merry!! And however did you know it was my 29th Birthday again???! Geesh, these days I'd settle for 39th! :)

natalee said...

I found your blog through Lin.. Im a follower now.. natalee.. come visit me... I appreciate my air conditioning..LOL