Sunday, August 2, 2009

Things to Celebrate

August is National Golf Month.
Go out sometime this month and either play a round or hit a bucket of balls. Cindy- can you ask Matt if he will play a round for me so I can stay inside with the AC?

August 2 - 8

This week is National Psychic Week.
Try to see if you can read my mind. If your answer had something to do with chocolate, you are psychic.

August 2- National Ice Cream Sandwich Day (check)
August 3- National Watermelon Day
August 4- National Chocolate Chip Day (double check)
August 5- Damn the Torpedoes and Full Speed Ahead Day (I love this!)
August 6- Wiggle Your Toes Day
August 7- Sea Serpent Day
August 8- International Character Day (I know some of you are characters every day, so today be a little bigger)


Lin said...

Hobbes and I wiggled our toes a few days too early--does it count???

Anonymous said...

National Ice Cream Sandwich day?!? I wish I knew that earlier!

Merry said...

Lin- You can either count what you have already done or do it again. I think any toe wiggling counts.

Nancy- I totally forgot about it today, so I deem it ok so long as you eat one sometime this week. Will that work for you?