Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Wonderful New Tool for Artisans-

This week I joined a wonderful new site which focuses on all things handmade. It is called The creator of this site, Adam and his wife Rebecca, are artists who wanted a place where they could consolidate the information about themselves and their art. Many artisans sell their items on multiple sites, write blogs, and belong to numerous social networking venues. On, each individual artisan has his or her own page. On that page, the artisan can list the multiple places others can see his/her work, how to contact the artisan, and where to purchase items if they choose. also has a buyers section. The Artisan Directory is a listing where buyers can search within categories for items of interest. Members can create wishlists and spotlights of items they want to share or remember. I have touched on only a few of the many opportunities found on this site.

Bravo to Adam and brava to Rebecca. Your many talents have allowed others to benefit and grow in their art.

My page can be found at Cheese and Chocolate on


Nancy said...

What a good idea..I'll have to check it out!