Monday, April 13, 2009


Animoto is a online company who creates personalized video slideshows. You upload your photos and choose your music. They will create a free 30 second video for you to share with family and friends, and can upload to blogs, facebook, etc. They also offer full length videos for a fee. I learned about this site by visiting a blog by Timothy Adam called Blogs (Critiques and Reviews). On this blog, Mr. Adam offers suggestions to help blog owners with their blog setup. He has tons of great ideas. One of them was Animoto.

I gave Animoto a try and it was very easy to create my slideshow. It was just upload the pics, choose the music and wait a couple of minutes for the slideshow to be complete. After the video is completed, they give you options on how you can share your video with others.

I thoroughly enjoyed using Animoto. I know my daughters will have fun creating their own videos to share with friends.