Friday, April 3, 2009

Amazing Artisan- Peter Callesen

This week's Amazing Artisan is Peter Callesen. Mr. Callesen is a Danish artist who works in several different media. His current work focuses on sculptures cut from A4 sizes of paper (close to letter sized paper). It is hard to believe his intricate creations are made of paper and glue. Some of his art seems to rise out of the paper as if coming to life. Mr. Callesen has a website and his work in other media can be found there. Below is a video featuring several of his paper sculptures. Be prepared to take some time to watch the video several times or pause it to study his work. Even better...go to his website and see his work in detail.


Lin said...

WOW! I love when you feature these and introduce me to some new artists. I feel so inferior! Thanks for bringing these to me.

Lisa R said...

I love this. I may have seen his work as part of a slide show sent via email about paper arts. I can't remember the museum though - N.Y. perhaps?