Saturday, March 28, 2009

Relay for Life

Today is the Relay for Life event in our area. I enjoy going out to support this event. Our family has been touched many times by cancer. The last couple of years, my Girl Scout troop helped with the set up of the luminaries. This year, since I no longer lead a troop, I was there as a regular visitor.  I enjoy looking at the different booths and doing a lot of people watching.  We usually buy several luminaries in honor of/remembrance of family members.  This year we also purchased one for Jonathan.  It was hard to write his name on the bag and write in "remembrance of."  My favorite part of the night is when they turn the lights off in the stadium and you see all of the lights from the luminaries ringing the track.  They also set up the word "HOPE" in the visitors stands across the way.  It a good word to use when thinking about cancer.   The day a cure is found will come soon, and events such as this one will help with the funding for research and education along the way.  If you have a Relay for Life event in where you live, go out and spend some time with your family enjoying the food, music and the atmosphere of the evening.  


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Thanks for such a great post! And your right - Amy is a hoot :) I was laughing so hard during the show that my stomach hurt for an hour after wards.

Nothinglikeit said...

Very nice event, I love the HOPE done in candles.


lilaphase said...

What a cool event. It must have been beautiful to see the candles in the dark.