Friday, March 6, 2009

Amazing Artisans- Althea Crome and Rachel John

I have wanted to blog about these ladies for a while. I watch their YouTube videos with my jaw on the floor. They do incredible work and represent two opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to knitting.

Althea Crome knits with what looks like pins. Her work is so tiny and delicate, but amazingly very detailed. A look around her website, Bugknits shows many of her sweaters and designs. Wow! Below is a video of her working on a sweater for the movie, Coraline.

Rachel John knits in the opposite extreme. She does "extreme" knitting often using dozens of strands of yarn at a time in her creations. Her website, Rachel John- Textiles and 3D shows her incredible work and gives you an idea of how huge her knitting needles are. Below is a video of her breaking a world record for knitting with 1000 strands simultaneously. Enjoy!

So these two fabulous ladies are this week's Amazing Artisans. I could not have featured one without featuring the other. They are truly wonderful.


Lin said...

Wow. The mini-knitter sure had some good eyes! I didn't see if she wore glasses. Sheesh, those little sweaters were incredible!

And my question for giant knitter was "why?" it was more wrestling than knitting it seemed. Didn't look fun at all. And my second question: What do you do when you get a knot in one of those balls of yarn?

Cool videos for anyone who knits!!!

Merry said...

Lin- Can you imagine what fun our kitties would have with all of that yarn?

Lin said...

I picture Hobbes scaling those strands of yarn up to the second level......

LizzyT said...

The mini knits are amazing. I would love that wool stash of the other knitter!!!