Thursday, February 12, 2009

Amazing Artisan- Scott Wade

This week's Amazing Artisan is Scott Wade's Dirty Car Art.  It is something to look at his art and get your head around the fact that he is creating these beautiful scenes on dirty car windows.  It almost makes me want to get my car good and dirty and see if one of the girls would give this medium a try. When you look at the gallery of his work, just about every category is touched upon.  There are pictures of Lady Bird Johnson, Mount Rushmore, famous monsters, Willy Nelson, Mariachis, Grant Wood's American Gothic, dogs playing poker, and everything in between.  I find myself staring at his work with my mouth hanging open.  It is incredible.  Absolutely amazing!


Lin said...

I could not believe what this guy can do with a dirty window! I have to wonder how he started with the's sort of strange, isn't it?