Friday, February 20, 2009

Amazing Artisan- Janice Abarbanel

This week's Amazing Artisan is Janice Abarbanel. She does incredible work with polymer clay. The colors and patterns she creates in clay are a wonder. I have never worked in polymer clay, except to piddle around helping the girls with small projects for school or just for fun. I look through her Etsy shop, Naftali, and say to myself "I like this one and this one..." I love them all. It would be difficult to choose. The jewelry she makes is very lovely and original. They are definitely conversation pieces. Janice also has a blog, Exploring the Art of Polymer Clay. Go, take a look, and be prepared to spend some time looking at all of her pieces. You will fall in love too.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pick! I've admired her work for a while but just hearted her because of this post:)