Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things to Celebrate

Two more days until December. Where, I mean WHERE did the year go? It went fast most of the time. December is Read A New Book Month. I used to read like a fiend, but since I have started knitting, I haven't read much at all (do knitting books count?). I need to break one from the ever growing piles and curl up with a good read. Books are so wonderful.

Christmas Tree Week is celebrated this week. Do you have your tree up yet? We don't, but might by the weekend.

November 29- National Chocolates Day (it is celebrated here EVERY day)
November 30- Stay At Home Because You're Well Day (go ahead...we won't tell)
December 1- Eat a Red Apple Day
December 2- Special Education Day
December 3- Jazz Day (if you don't have any jazz to listen to listen to your favorite song and do some "jazz" hands)
December 4- National Cookie Day
December 5- International Ninja Day (pull out your ninja skills and go crazy)

With the girls off from school all last week, I took the week off from everything. I had a great time!

You still have time to get in on the Handmade Louisiana's November Give Away. Entries close on December 1st for the fabulous black and gold umbrella offered by the New Orleans Umbrella Company. With the Saints 10-0 (still can't believe it), this will be fun to have when they play in the Superbowl. In this neck of the woods, the Saints playing in the Superbowl is on every one's Christmas list this year.


wlstarn said...

If you're doing stockinette or garter stitch, you may be able to prop a book and read at the same time (use stitch markers to help keep count). I can do it, and so can at least one friend of mine. Haven't tried this with anything complicated, though! Not fond of having to TINK (read that word backwards & it will make sense).

Merry said...

Wendy- I will have to get a way lot better at knitting before I give that a try. I still have to tink back items when I am looking at my knitting :) This gives me something to shoot for.