Sunday, November 8, 2009

Things to Celebrate

This week is National Split Pea Soup Week. I have never understood the lure of Split Pea Soup. It icks me out looking at it.

November 8- X-ray Day Hopefully no one will need an x-ray today. Just be glad we have them in case we do.
November 9- Go To An Art Museum Today Day
November 10- Area Code Day I'm not quite sure what to do on this day, but give a shout out to your area code anyway.
November 11- National Sundae Day
November 12- National Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day There is a reason the anchovy gets no respect...I'm just sayin
November 13- International Day of Kindness
November 14- National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day


blueviolet said...

X-ray day? How funny!

Lin said...

You don't like split pea soup??? Really?? Aw, give it a try, pally, it's good! I won't even eat a pea--they make me gag, but split pea soup??? Yum!!

Merry said...

Violet- I think it commemorates when x-rays were discovered or something like that. I thought it was pretty cool to have a day about x-rays.

Lin- I don't know...if I don't even want to look at it, how could I eat it?