Sunday, February 21, 2010

Things to Celebrate

February is almost over. Poor February. We just got to know ya and then you are gone.

Build a Better Trade Show Image is this week. I have nothing to say on this matter. Absolutely nothing. It speaks for itself.

February 21- Card reading Day (Head on over to your closest card shop and read some funny cards. I love reading cards.)
February 22- Single Tasking Day (Can you truly do just one task at a time?) and for all you Girl Scouts out is World Thinking Day
February 23- Curling is Cool Day (Since the Olympics are on, try to catch a game of curling. It is very interesting to watch them sweep the ice)and for all you puppies in the house, it is also International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (This is a huge event at our house)
February 24- Inconvenience Yourself Day (I am not sure how much fun this day will be)
February 25- Quiet Day (This brings back memories of my childhood and playing the quiet game. I never won.)
February 26- National Pistachio Day (Pistachios are something that you either love or don't. I fell into the don't category.)
February 27- No Brainer Day (One of the best days of the whole year!)