Monday, February 8, 2010

Things to Celebrate

This post is a little late due to the excitement of the Super Bowl yesterday. It was foremost on every one's mind.

This week is Celebration of Love Week. We all have persons, places, or things we love. Celebrated them all this week. We will be celebrating the Saints win down here! It is also Jell-O Week. If you love Jell-o, then you get points for a twofer.

February 7- Super Bowl Sunday! (Can you say Who Dat?)
February 8- Clean Out Your Computer Day (Now is a great time to go through your computer and clean out all of that old junk you don't need anymore. You know you have a ton of it. Once you are done, back that baby up!)
February 9- National Bagel and Lox Day (I love a bagel and cream cheese. Lox...not so much. If you love them both, go out and eat some for me)
February 10- Umbrella Day (Love your umbrella today. Love it because you don't have to use it or love it because you have one when you need it.)
February 11- Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day (I never understood why one would cry, but if you spill milk today, try not to cry.)
February 12- National Lost Penny Day (I am one of those people who will pick up a penny on the ground. So many people don't. I think it is fun to find money, especially in an old purse.)
February 13- Get a Different Name Day (Choose a different name today. Always wished you were named something else? Today is your day to have that name. I will go by Melissa on Saturday.)