Thursday, January 29, 2009


Last night at our Northshore LArtisans meeting, MamasLittleMonkeys told LisaRaspino and I about a site called Entrecard. This is a site where you can advertise your blog on other people's blogs and they can advertise on yours. I am so happy "Mama" was able to explain this all to me and open my eyes to some of the great tools out there for people to use. I have set up my account and have a couple of wonderful blogs who will have ads on this blog. You will be able to see the advertising blog in the space to the right...just under the Save Handmade Teddy Bear (I love that bear).

How cool is that?

I hope more members will be able to make the next Northshore meeting and join in on learning great ideas from each other.

Check out Mama's 2 Etsy shops and Lisa's shop. They are both very talented. Thanks to both of you for putting up with my senior moments last night :)