Sunday, June 22, 2008

Listed our first pieces

We created our shop on June 3, but didn't start listing items until today. We wanted to get everything in place from our shop announcement to our shop policies. I needed to take pictures of the jewelry and crop it down to size. It was pretty easy to figure out how to list items. Etsy has several articles on how to set up a shop, etc. I found those very helpful. Robyn has a couple of pictures listed.

"Learning to Fly" is an original drawing using Prismacolor pencils and "Little Thief" is a print of an original drawing done in Prismacolor pencils.

Two of my listings are...

"Your Basic Black" features Jet and Crystal Swarovski crystals and sterling silver and "Brilliant Ice" is created with Crystal Swarovski crystals and sterling silver.

We are enjoying the adventure...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

About Cheese and Chocolate- A Welcome

Welcome to my blog. I cover topics I find interesting and some information about my and my daughter's creative endeavours. I have a second blog, Photographs From Here, which documents my life through pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

Who Am I?

I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, volunteer, and creative being. Designing jewelry is a passion of mine. I work mainly in sterling silver and Swarvoski crystals, but I frequently use gemstones as well. Lately, I have been branching out into brass jewelry. I love the look. I also have a passion for knitting and enjoy photography, scrapbooking, and reading.

How Cheese and Chocolate came to be...

After giving it much thought, Robyn and I decided sell our work online. Etsy is an online community of artisans who sell their work through the website. I decided to sell my jewelry and Robyn wanted to sell her art.

We gave our name a lot of thought, asking various family members their opinions and suggestions. Finally Robyn came up with a name we both agreed that would use our favorite food. Every one knows I have 2 loves (outside of my family)...Sting (AKA Gordon Sumner) and Chocolate. So I added chocolate to the name. Robyn loves almost anything with cheese. She decided to become a vegetarian around Thanksgiving almost 2 years ago. She doesn't eat a lot of veggies, but a lot of cheese. I call her a cheesatarian. Anyway...I Robyn added cheese to the mix and we became Cheese and Chocolate.